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“If you really want to succeed, form the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.”

Everybody wants to be a winner in life. He or she would like to be in the forefront. To be first in a race or for that matter in the work arena as well, one would find the challenge worthwhile. For an athlete  to win the cup is an exhilarating moment. It is sheer ecstasy for him or her to be told that he or she has come first in the event and deserves the winning cup.

It is not easy to be a winner. One may dream to win a race, but without necessary effort one cannot be in the forefront. How one can be much ahead of others in a given situation. Here a few tips to be a winner:

How to be a winner in turbulent times?
Top 10 ways to be a winner are:

  • Determination– This is very necessary. One must decide that he or she will come first and beat the others. This will trigger the spark to be a winner.
  • Motivation– One must be motivated. One must feel that one should be a winner. To succeed and not be a loser can make a person reach his or set goals.
  • Will Power– One must have willpower. One must be able to withstand all kinds of hardships and hurdles to be a winner.
  • Confidence– This is very important. A weak personality can never be a winner. Only a person who knows that he or she is worth a lot and has the necessary ability to win can succeed in the venture at hand.
  • Self-esteem– One need to have a positive self-esteem. He or she must know one’s worth and feel good about oneself. Underestimating or over-estimating one’s abilities will not help to be a winner.
  • Practice– If one is an athlete, then one must practice daily and make an all out effort to be perfect in one’s workout. Even in work matters, to prepare ahead and perfect one’s skills can help in being much ahead of others.
  • Alertness– One must be physically and mentally alert. Sharpness of mind and action can be asset to succeed over others.
  • Positive Mind– One must feel very positive about a given situation. One must feel one will be the winner in a given situation. Negativity can pull one down.
  • Strategy– One must adopt a strategy to win. Carrying out a task in a haphazard way will not be good. One must plan out things in a systematic way.
  • Acquiring necessary skills– One must be well versed in their work. Acquiring the necessary skills are essential to make a success of the task at hand.

1. Never Give up,  2. Be Resolute, 3. Be around like-minded people, 4. Be focused on wins, 5. Become unstoppable , 6. Lean into what drives you, what makes you take action, 7. Be resilient Be a Survivor, 8. Move past mistakes, 9. Keep your eyes on the prize , 10. Keep a sense of Humor , 11. Faith Conquers Fear Put God first and others, 12. At the end of the Day, what matters most in your life.


  1. Ego
  2. Fear of Failure
  3. No plans
  4. Lack of formalized goals
  5. Life Changes
  6. Procrastination
  7. Family responsibilities
  8. Financial Security issues
  9. Lack of focus
  10. Giving up vision for the promise of money
  11. Doing too much alone
  12. Over commitment
  13. Lack of Commitment
  14. Lack of training
  15. Lack of persistence
  16. Lack of priorities

 A winner is always on the top of the world. Everybody looks up towards him or her. One has to make a sincere effort to win over others. It is a rough ride, but can be achieved.

In order to get the winning edge, we need to strive for excellence not perfection.  Striving of perfection is neurotic, striving for excellence is progress because there is nothing that cannot be done better or improved.

A very famous saying by B.C Forbes “ They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats.”

An English Proverb says “ A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner.” Everything is difficult before it becomes easy. We cannot run away from our problems. Only losers quit and give up.”

Hence, where the vision is one year, cultivate flowers and where the vision is ten years, cultivate trees and where the vision is eternity cultivate people.

To end, to be a successful winner in turbulent times , think and act differently and always strive for excellence and not perfection.


(Sources: How to be winner- Shiv Khera and other motivational articles, websites)

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