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Recently, I got a chance to watch Circus live show with my kid after so many years and even watched Charlie Chaplin’s Silent Movie “THE CIRCUS” which of course I rarely use to watch. While watching all wonders and magic in circus including juggling, walking through endless hoops, uni cyclists and acrobatics forced me to think and ponder on certain aspects of personal and professional life. Circus in fact gives us some wonderful wisdom of life. Sharing some of them:

  1. Hard work and practice makes anyone perfect in mastering any skill in life. So train yourself to do anything in life.In circus, even animals performs amazing acts just because they are trained continuously and professionally.
  2. Life is also a circus. Be a ringmaster of your life. Just like ringmaster controls and take charge of show, similarly take control and charge of your life. The way you control your life, your life will be shaped accordingly. Be responsible for your own life. Don’t blame anybody for your problems in life. Control your own Destiny.Circus-be responsible
  3. I was just amazed and experiencing wide range of emotions while watching circus. Sometimes I was feeling crazy, stunned, scared, happy, and sad while watching the performances. The performers were so fearless and confident about their performance. In same way, we should also push our boundaries in life. Conquer your fears. Sometimes, you need to get through your fears to see the beauty on the other side. You are capable of doing anything in life if you take challenges. Don’t sit and accept life as it comes to you. Frame, reshape your own life. Human mind and body is capable of doing anything if its trained properly. Do new things, make things happen, make new friends, develop new hobbies, interests, have wonderful professional career, work hard and make it happen.
  4. Never look back in life. Performers who was performing acrobats and walking through endless ropes never looked back and if they would have, they would have fallen down. So move ahead in life. Leave your past, accept your present and work on your future.
  5. I was observing performers walking through the endless hoops & tightropes balancing, focusing themselves so perfectly. Just amazing. In life too, we all have to learn to balance our personal and professional life. If we don’t learn to balance, we may fall terribly in life. Don’t make any single task a sole agenda in your life. Enjoy all areas of life. Don’t get distracted in life. Keep focus and balance.
  6. I also observed the strong nets in the circus ring for protection of the performers if they make any mistakes and fall down. We all do mistakes in life so we should also build such strong nets in our life in form of relationships and financial planning so that if at any point of time we fall down in life, we have some backup plan to rely on. So make good friends, develop meaningful relations in life who support you to get up again in life, catch on when you fall and dust you off, do proper financial planning. Don’t ever quit in life, every mistake you make in life makes you stronger and stronger.
  7. Every performer there knows more than one trick i.e juggling, acrobatics, jumping through tight ropes, unicyclists, etc. It makes them build their own audience and keep the audience entertaining. Similarly, in professional life, we should learn different skills, tactics which will give you more opportunities to grow, attract more clients and shoot up your revenue. Be specialist. Build your brand and expand your clientele.
  8. Always respect time. Performers in circus have alloted time in which they have perform their acts and entertain their audience to pack the show in time. In life too,we need to learn time management to achieve success.Time-circus.png

The SHOW must GO ON…….

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CS Shilpi Thapar

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