Due Diligence

Due diligence is examination of the background and financial condition, business operations and contractual obligations of an entity. It is done to establish a complete, accurate and reliable vision of the subject so that fact-based decisions can be made by another entity considering investment, business relationship, acquisition or litigation.

At Shilpi Thapar and Associates, we focus on ways to enhance revenue and reduce cost, and implementing operational improvements in respect of various deals relating to takeover / merger / amalgamation.

We focus on the critical elements of the transactions, including:

  • Determining and quantifying various industry and deal-specific risks and opportunities.
  • Identifying hidden costs, commitments and contingencies.
  • Identifying basic framework of various laws.
  • Highlighting various issues likely to affect the contract conditions.

We also provide following services in respect of Due Diligence:

  • To assist in obtaining necessary permissions from the requisite authorities.
  • Identifying issues relating to structuring and documentation.
  • Identifying legal and contractual impediments.
  • Examination of issues and key areas that need to be addressed in the business plan and determining the impact of the same on the proposed transaction.
  • To assist in preparation of various agreements like License Agreement, Subscription Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, Supply Agreement, Service Agreement and such other documents.
  • To assess the nature and extent of the risks and highlight them and to obtain all material information in relation to the issuer for making disclosures in an offer document or subscription agreement, to enable investors to make an informed decision and to meet regulatory requirements.


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